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Follow the e-waste money

About a year ago, I finally yielded, with Christmas as an excuse to make the big leap. For many years, I had withstood the purchase of a smartphone and clung … Continue reading

3 November 2015 · Leave a comment

A glimpse into the Indian NGO & CSR landscapes

I’m neither a teacher, nor a social worker, and definitely not involved in any corruption scandal. Yet I work for an NGO. The economy usually sets apart the public and … Continue reading

28 October 2015 · Leave a comment

Just Below the Roof of the World (photo gallery)

17 October 2015 · Leave a comment

Where could you be happier?

Here’s a list of some of the happiest countries explored in “Geography of Bliss” and the reasons why people are so happy there. Happiness is not inside. Or not only. … Continue reading

26 July 2015 · 1 Comment

Shiva, Allah, Jesus, Sai Baba, et caetera – balade au pays de la foi

Au prix du politiquement correct: aux yeux du profane du moins, la religion hindoue apparaît comme un sacré chaos. Contrairement à l’Eglise catholique, fortement centralisée, la troisième religion du monde … Continue reading

19 July 2015 · Leave a comment

Of International Women’s Day (IWD), ocean liners and girls’ education

The 8th of March marks the opportunity for the public debate cycle on gender equality to reach its annual climax. Every year, the press will refer to a wide range … Continue reading

13 July 2015 · Leave a comment

International Yoga Day: when politics meddles with the peace of mind

En décembre dernier, Narendra Modi propulsait le yoga à l’agenda international et convainquait une large majorité des pays-membres des Nations Unies, dont 47 nations musulmanes, de passer une résolution qui … Continue reading

12 July 2015 · Leave a comment

The World Before Her: an Indian story?

As a matter of fact, The World Before Her is the story of two worlds, that everything opposes. Much as it reflects the complexity of today’s India, the dichotomy between … Continue reading

12 July 2015 · Leave a comment



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